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About Glaja Mayne

Get inside the mind of the designer.

Glaja Mayne

I was born in the beautiful paradise of Kingston, Jamaica, and raised in the tropical oasis of Miami, Florida. As a child I was always intrigued with colors and fabrics. As a teenager that intrigue became a passion. I would always buy fashion magazines and envision myself in the clothes or think about a way to change the style. That’s when the fascination of design fueled my creativity. I developed an appreciation for fabrics, detail, and quality when creating. My passion and unrealistic ideas became a reality and this is only the beginning of what I have to offer.

My creations are all one-of-a-kind that mirrors nothing but impeccable taste. My creations explode on a blank canvas with animal skins, natural stones, fine fabrics, exotic upholstery, and vibrant paints as a fine piece of handcrafted crystal. I deliberately buy rare pieces that may never surface again to satisfy the appetite of being original . My distinguished savor-faire, appreciation for detail and quality fine craftsmanship is my formula, which creates a unique handbag that every woman should have adorned in her hand at least once in her life