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Stand Out
Custom Designs
When you need something that sets you apart, Glaja Mayne clutches makes the difference.
Luxury Bags
Designed for the soul. Custom designs for the elite taste.
Glama Bags
Glamour at your finger tips. Custom made bags designed with the finest of materials. If you desire the need to express your uniqueness, you've made the right choice here at Glaja Mayne.


Unique clutches designed to stand out in a crowd. It’s easy to be envied when you’re carrying a Glaja Mayne clutch.


Excitable jewelry that’s noticed with your every move. Jewelry that is bold, bright and uncommon.

Custom Bags

You can choose your own materials, whether it be leather, PVC, jeans or upholstery. You can contact me by phone or email for more details.

It's Your uniqueness

Define the ultimate you…

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Fashion Designer Glaja Mayne

Get to know more about Glaja Mayne and the creativity that drivers her.

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